Technical Insurance

Technical Insurance Agreements are at all-Risk Contracts; they cover, that is everything that is not expressly excluded, as opposed to the Contracts of Named Risks where the covered risks are named.

The Support Agentshas the potential to offer a wide range of coverages, covering:

.  Those involved, 

.  Equipment at all stages of a project,

.  The project itself,

.  Losses to Third Parties.

With technical insurance we cover:

Damage from accidental and sudden event

Economic loss and

Civil liability for some of the categories of insurance policies that are:


Contractor’s All Risk (CAR)

It provides insurance for any material damages and civil liability that may be caused during the construction of residential buildings (houses, offices), industrial buildings (factories, warehouses), and public works (roads, bridges, harbors, etc.

Coverage is provided to individuals and businesses.


Erection All Risks (EAR)

It provides insurance for any material damage and civil liability that may be caused during the installation and / assembly of machinery such as generators, steam boilers, compressors, elevators, cranes etc. and complete plant facilities and power plants.

Coverage is provided mainly in industries and businesses.


Machinery Breakdown (MB)

Provides insurance for material damage and loss of profit as a result of damage due to machinery breakdown.

Electronic Equipment

Provides insurance for damage to PCs and, optionally, the cost of rebuilding files and replicating programs.



Insurance is provided for any damages caused by accidental and sudden occurrences during the construction and operation of the units. 

Loss of profits and civil liability are also covered.