Primary Care

Care, prevention, diagnosis, treatment. Four words that characterize primary care coverage and Support Agents is here to offer you programs tailored to your needs.

A wide variety of coverage and benefits are offered by primary care programs, as they can be selected separately or even combined with secondary programs in the general health sector.

.         Free medical check-up services.

.         Free Diagnostic Exams using valid electronic prescription EOPYY (Greek National Health Organization) prescription, in Nursing Institutions, Group Practice Centers and Diagnostic Centers.

.         Unlimited number of medical visits, doctors of all specialties, outpatient clinics of contracted general clinics and group practices.

.         Free Clinical Examination in Emergency situations, in the on-duty specialties of hospitals, at preferential prices in case of admission.

.         Unlimited number of medical visits, in private clinics of all specialties across the nationwide network.

.         Minimal participation in specialized preventive testing of women such as digital mammography, Pap smear, etc. and of men like PSA, TRIPLEX, etc.

.         Free use of an ambulance in Attica and Thessaloniki for transportation in case of emergency admission

.         Preventive controls for children with minimal attendance and coverage for physiotherapists, psychologists, speech therapists, etc.

.         Home medical visits.

.         Dental care.