Property Insurance

Property insurance covers the need to protect business assets and their operation from Accidental and Sudden events that can cause property losses but also cause them to shut down, resulting in loss of revenue.

With our know-how at Support Agentswe have the ability to serve all possible needs that can be created in property insurance.


Insurance of Industrial and Commercial Enterprises

An enterprise's insurance can have two parts:  

.         Material damages or loss of its assets,  

.         Business Interruption Losses.(Business Interruption).


Property insurance may be of two types:


.             Named Perils

.             Property All Risks


Basic Covers:

.         Fire from accidental occurrence

.         Fire from direct lightning

.         Damages due to explosion of the central heating boiler or water heaters and gas or gas appliances

.         Fall of aircraft and / or objects falling from them


Optional coverages:

.         Weather phenomena (flood, storm, thunder, snow weight, hail, frost)

.         Leakage of pipelines for water, heating, firefighting, air conditioning

.         Theft, damages from theft, theft of the safe, cash register theft

.         Terrorist actions, malicious damages, political riots, strikes, burglary

.         Vehicle impact

.         Fire from forest

.         Deterioration of goods in cold storages

.         Removal of debris

.         Loss of rent as a consequence of insured risk

.         Third Party Liability and / or Owner's responsibility following covered perils

.         Expenses of public authorities, data / records recovery

.         Expenses for temporary housing and / or storage

.         Expenses for firefighting / extinguishing

.         Damage to external signs

.         Breakage of glass

.         Earthquake

.         Landslide, Subsidence

.         Loss of profit following covered perils


Property All Risks

In all-risk insurance, the covers are not named, but only the exceptions are explicitly mentioned.

In this way, all loss-making events that are not covered by the exceptions are covered, providing substantial rehabilitation in case of damage, from any normal risk, but even from unforeseen risks.