Group Insurance

Group Insurance 

 Group insurance for a company's personnel is an extremely useful tool for managing a company.

 The benefits of group health insurance or retirement insurance policies are important.

.      Improving employee and management relationships.

.      They attract and retain a remarkable workforce.

.      Shaping corporate culture and corporate profile.

.      Provide effective treatment of accidents or illnesses.

.     They offer Social Security benefits.

.      They are a tool for effectively tackling competition in the labor market.

 Group insurance programs are particularly attractive for many reasons.


    The premiums are deducted from the taxable amount of the enterprise.

    Provide employees with the ability to cover their family members at low cost and own expense.

   They are highly flexible in their design to adapt to the needs, specifics and capabilities of each business at a particularly low cost.


Group insurance programs are summarized in:


.         Retirements

.         Health

.        Care and Life Protection