Auto Insurance

At SupportAgents  we take full advantage of the know-how that our company has acquired through its activity in the Greek insurance market and with the aim of serving our associates and our clients, we provide the following services with high standards.


.         We offer proper insurance for our clients in accordance with the requirements of the applicable law.

Compulsory auto insurance covers third party liability of an accident that a vehicle may cause when it is moving. Third party liability is the obligation we have to indemnify for the damage caused by the insured vehicle to third parties.

.         We offer our clients complete information about the option of choosing optional covers.

By following our valid briefings, our client can choose between a significant number of optional covers so that the insurance we offer is complete and tailored to his / her own needs. Optional covers may extend coverages of the insured and his / her vehicle in areas not covered by compulsory third-party liability insurance.

Furthermore, we mention some very important coverages if insured persons want further comprehensive protection.

.         Coverage of own damages

.         Coverage of total and partial theft

.         Fire cover

.         Coverage of damage to the vehicle from natural phenomena (hail, flood, earthquake)

.         Coverage of damage from terrorist and malicious actions

.         Crystal Breakage Cover

.         Material damages from an uninsured vehicle

.         Bonus - malus protection

.         Roadside Assistance Coverage

.         Legal protection coverage

.         Personal driver’s accident

.         Accident Care

Ø We offer our clients the appropriate insurance program choosing from a range of trustworthy insurance companies.

Ø We manage each client and every insurance policy with care.

In cooperation with the insured, we check and adjust the insured value of each car to match the current commercial value of the car so as to not pay the insured premium for non-refundable securities.

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