About us

The Company was founded in Greece in 2019 under the name "SUPPORT INSURANCE AGENTS AND COORDINATORS OF INSURANCE AGENTS SA" and the distinctive title "SUPPORT AGENTS S.A." carries on the activity of an insurance agent and is registered with the Athens Chamber of Commerce under special registration number 6449.

The Company is headquartered in Nea Smyrni Attica and its offices are located at Syggrou Avenue at 171, PC 17121.

Support Agents is run by renowned Greek professionals with years of experience and knowledge in the insurance markets of both Greece and Cyprus.

Support Agents is staffed with people specializing in the field and a long career in the insurance market.

All departments and divisions of the Company have a modern organizational structure and all the procedures for the proper functioning of the Company are respected.

Support Agents, through its collaboration with leading insurance companies, has provided to its clients, whether private or business, insurance plans that cover all their insurance needs for numerous insurance lines.

The Company maintains an extensive network of associates throughout Greece, which is constantly expanding and provides its associates with all the necessary equipment to enhance their book and improve the quality of their portfolio.