Legal Protection Insurance

The SupportAgents has secured co-operations to provide Legal Protection coverage at extremely competitive prices.

The coverage can be provided with your auto insurance policy and your vessel.

Legal Protection Insurance Covers:

  • The principal and the legal owner, as well as anyone who, with their permission, drives or enters the vehicle specified by its registration number in the auto insurance policy.
  • The person named in the insurance policy as driver of different ownership of vehicles ("legal protection of the driver"). 

 Insurance protection is provided:

  • For claiming indemnity.
  • For defense in criminal courts in case of killing or injuring a person in a traffic accident, or in breach of any other criminal or police provision.
  • For appeals to the competent administrative authorities, due to removal or limitation of driver's license or license and vehicle registration plates, as well as their retrieval and court proceedings.
  • In the case of disputes arising out of contractual agreements which are related to the status of principal or legal owner of the insured vehicle.

The uses to which coverage is provided are the following :

  • Passenger cars and self-propelled caravans
  • Car Rentals & motorbikes
  • Taxi
  • School buses
  • Private Use Trucks
  • Buses
  • Motorbikes
  • Machinery
  • Agricultural Tractors
  • Pleasure yachts